The primary objective of the William O. Douglas Film Project is to produce an hourlong documentary film and companion website that weaves Justice Douglas’ life and writings in the context of wilderness and its importance to the human condition.

New video will bring his written words to life. Interviews with contemporary legal figures, political figures, and wilderness advocates will further shape the content of the film. His legal accomplishments can be charted with this current context, in particular his categorical defense of individual liberties and fundamental privacy rights. Two exhaustive biographies have been written about Douglas, totaling 1,200 pages of text. Only a few dozen of these pages are devoted exclusively to his legal and personal relationship with the natural world. 

This is a story with a national footprint. It also has issues that radiate far beyond U.S. borders. The land ethic and protection of wild lands have become defining issues across the planet. Douglas’ role in shaping the modern environmental movement and his rich career as a writer of, and advocate for, the wilderness will be brought to life in this documentary.

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